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[aɪ skriːm]

TÄKY Galleria
Satamatie 10,
53900 Lappeenranta
Mon-tue closed
Wed-Fri 11-17
Sat-Sun 11-15

In her first solo exhibition glassblower and artist Paula Pääkkönen investigates the movement of glass and life. The Assorted flavours icecreams have enabled her to find the joy of playing again and they have paved the road to a better mental health.

Pääkkönen says “Only now, after working many years with these themes of childhood memories and the magic in them, I began to undestand why they became so important to me. In 2017 when I made the first icecreams I was depressed and having other health problems. Unconsiously I started to seek rescue from the joy and bliss in summer memories of my childhood.”

This exhibition explores the ups and downs of life through the medium of glass, the material of opposites. Opposites, contradictions and double meanings can also be found in the fragile delicacies frozen on the pedestals at the gallery.