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Paula Pääkkönen (born 1990) is a glassblower and an artist. She works in the famous glass village of Nuutajärvi, Finland. Glass is her main material because it’s such a challenging element – the glassblowing techniques are an endless source of inspiration for her. As an artist, she is currently working with the theme of childhood, memories and imagination. In her work she is chasing the moment, when common things still have a hint of magic and the proportions of the world may vary. 

Pääkkönen did her BA studies in Savonia University of Applies Sciences, in Design Program 2014. She continued her studies concentrating on glass as a material in Tavastia Vocational College in Nuutajärvi graduating as a Glass Artisan 2016. Pääkkönen finalized her studies as a Glass Blower in Nuutajärvi 2017. She is now working as an artist producing her own glass art as well as a glass blower, blowing glass for other designers and artists.



︎    +350 (0) 408 417 137

︎     @pau_ladesign

︎    Based in Finland