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Light Sculptures
On-going series starting from 2021

“Pilvilinna (Pilvi = cloud, linna=castle) is a Finnish word representing the dreams we build in our heads especially when we’re young.

The ability to form Pilvilinnas even when we grow older is something to be valued. The world develops, grows and changes through our dreams made into reality.”

Above: Pilvilinna number 6

Assorted Flavours

Unique glass sculptures
On-going series starting from 2018

“I’m often inspired by the memory of a child’s imagination, as it turns common things magical and makes the proportions of the world vary and change in time. With these popsicles I wanted to explore the memories of my happy childhood summers.”

Mint Bite

Pink Marshmallow Bite

Peach Whirl

Orange Toffee

Plum Whirl