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Venice Glass Week

FRESH – Contemporary Glass From Finland
Bel Air Fine Art, Dorsoduro

The exhibition presents eight Finnish professionals in contemporary glass; artists with decades of experience as well as new talents in the art of glass. Each with a unique, recognizable style in using glass as a medium for their artistic expression. The unique works of art included provide an exquisite cross-sectional view to contemporary studio glass from Finland.

FRESH is quality of expression. FRESH represents new contemporary glass art from Finland.

The works have been made in well-known Finnish studios: Mafka&Alakoski, Lasismi, Glass Studio Hytti and Lasikomppania Glass Cooperative in Nuutajärvi Glass Village.

Camilla Moberg
Sini Majuri
Marja Hepo-aho
Anna Schroderus
Helmi Remes
Anna-Kaisa Kukkonen-Madi
Paula Pääkkönen
Anu Penttinen